Free Employee Appraisal Template in MS Excel


Are you doing performance reviews with your employees on a regular basis?  If not, you should be.

Appraisals help the employee — and consequently, the company — grow. Their purpose is to motivate, mentor, and encourage development; to help employees realize their strengths and weaknesses; and to set goals for the future.

Below is a free printable template that you can use for an employee appraisal.

Employee Appraisal Template

How use this document to do an employee appraisal: step by step instructions

  1. Download the template here: Right click and ‘save as’
  2. Change the Categories to specific skills applicable to your employee’s job (for example: communication, quality of work, quantity of work, job knowledge)
  3. Print a copy for each employee.
  4. Ask the employee to rate themselves on each of the qualities, using the first column. They should also write comments in the box to the right of each category, and the general comments section.
  5. The employee will then give the filled-out form back to the you (the employer/manager) to complete.
  6.  In the right-hand score column, add what you think is an appropriate score. Add constructive or positive feedback in the category and general comment sections.
  7. Meet with the employee and review their scores and comments. Explain to the employee why the scores are different from their self-assessment.
  8. Create a training plan / goals to work on areas that need improvement.

And that’s it! It’s good practice to do a review once per quarter (or at least twice yearly), to see how the employee has grown and what areas still need improvement and training.

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