Venture Team Building was started to provide free resources for anyone interested in providing experiential learning and team building activities. The site currently has over seventy team challenges, fifty ice breakers and over a hundred games ideas to try. Currently the website has the largest collection of team building challenges on the internet, helping teachers, managers, instructors and facilitators from all over the world provide activities to just about anyone.

All challenges, briefs and instructions are provided absolutely free of charge – all I ask is that you share this website with friends, colleagues and fellow bloggers by linking to Venture Team Building on Facebook, Twitter or your blog/website and please give credit when you use our content. The more visitors the website has, the more time we can dedicate to adding fresh content.

So what’s the project about?

  • To provide a hassle free resource for team building and experiential activities
  • To assist with the development of coaches and instructors in the outdoor education and sports sectors
  • To share experience and offer guidance to others
  • To make experiential and team based learning available to all (regardless of budget)

The website motto is: ‘Inspiring Success through Teamwork’

Whether you are facilitating a conference event for managers or teaching a group of primary school children, then there is an activity for everyone to experience and enjoy. The activities listed can be delivered just about anywhere and with limited resources.

If you’re looking for team building resources, we recommend our ebook, ‘The Team Building Activity Book’.  The book provides an easy to use, step-by-step guide to teaching team building with full descriptions for over 30 team building challenges including: printable challenger briefs, ready to use programmes and access to exclusive member downloads.

Check it out here.

We love to hear from visitors, so if you have any feedback, have an idea or you would like to see any improvements to the site then please send us an email: web@ventureteambuilding.co.uk

Finally, thank you for taking the time to visit the site.

Can I recommend a Team Building Challenge or Ice Breaker?

Absolutely. If you have a team building activity you want to share with other visitors then please send me the following information to web@ventureteambuilding.co.uk

  • Activity/Challenge Summary
  • Number of Participants (minimum and maximum)
  • Duration
  • Equipment Required
  • Instructions
  • Learning Outcomes


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