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The Team Building Tool Kit gives you:

  • All the tools for your team building session in ONE PLACE
  • Easy, step-by-step instructions for 60 Team Building Activities and 87 Group Games
  • ​Actionable advice from team building experts
  • Ready-made programs and templates that save you time
  • Printable checklists and questionnaires

Our team building experts have been featured in ...

This is for you if...

  • ... you're frustrated with how much time you spend looking for new team building games and activities
  • ... you're a trainer or team leader who's tired of using the same old activities
  • ... you'd like to be more confident in your ability to deliver great team building sessions
  • ... you want to save time with pre-planned activities and program templates
  • ... you're planning a team building session or retreat and don't know where to start

Be a better team builder. Here's how.

Save Hours Of Prep Time

Easy-to-teach team building activities, planning templates, and checklists are designed to save you prep time and allow you to spend more time on the work that actually matters.

Answers From Experts

We put your questions to the experts — team building company owners, authors, and seasoned trainers — and got some incredible how-to advice, and insight into what makes them so successful.

More Fun, More Engagement

Team building activities are meant to be three things: Fun, Engaging, and Effective. Our collection of activities check all those boxes while still accomplishing your specific objectives.

Avoid Embarrassing Mistakes

Successful team building sessions comprise of many different moving pieces. Our checklists and resources keep you organized so that all the little details for your session are taken care of!

Lots of Variety

60 of the best team building activities for all groups, from corporate to summer camps. Whether your objective is teamwork, communication, leadership, or time management, you’ve got plenty to choose from.

Advance Your Career

Your repertoire of new skills and increased confidence will have a positive impact on your career! People will notice your training sessions are better and you’re getting real results for your clients or company.

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I especially appreciate the activity books; The Group Games Guide and The Team Building Activity Book. The games and activities are a great way to break the ice and engage attendees in a class and to also help foster a sense of community in my department.

The Effective Trainer provides a strong introduction for those that are new or that want a new perspective in delivering team training. The sections on preparation and training plan development very helpful and I found myself mentally referring to the chapter on delivery several times during a recent training session.

Michael Swift, Project Manager, USA

"The Team Building Tool Kit is great! I have already used some of the activities in my experiential group with my participants and have watched them have moments of learning and laughter which they need."

Brittany King, Program Manager, Eating Recovery Center of Washington

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  • The Team Building Activity Book
  • 30 Ready-to-go Team Building Activities
  • 15 Instructional Team Building Facilitator Videos
  • 20 Downloadable Resources: Sample Team Building Programs, Questionnaires, Review Cards


Everything included in The Plus Team Building Toolkit and…

  • The Team Building Activity Book 2
  • The Group Games Guide with 87 Ice Breakers &
    5-Minute Fillers
  • 7 Exclusive Video Interviews with Experts, Packed with Practical Advice and Tips on Facilitating Team Building Activities, Icebreakers, and Training Sessions
  • 10 Additional Downloadable Resources: Sample Team Building Programs, Checklists, Templates and Review Cards

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"The step-by-step instructions for each team building exercise are great!  And I highly recommend the video interviews. They're packed with practical advice from the experts about how to run great team building sessions and workshops."

Biron Clark,

"I love the activities in these books! One of my goals is to get my students working cooperatively in teams and learning that if they work together as a team, they will succeed. They need teamwork to be successful and also provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills. These activities are perfect for that."

Sharyn Loveridge, Teacher, New Zealand

"What I like about these books is they are a handy compilation of many of the popular team games and activities in one place. They give practical tips to run each activity. I am sure the books would be welcomed by all in the training profession."

Hitendra Gandhi, Trainer, India


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Get instant access to our TEAM BUILDING TOOL KIT now!

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