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Team Builders Plus

Team Builders Plus

As one of the first team building companies in the United States, Team Builders Plus has been at the leading edge of bringing engaging team activities to organizations throughout the country since 1991. Their award winning team building programs are led by the most experienced team building facilitators in the business. The team exercises range from fun team building events to transformative team development interventions. They have activities for groups of any size.

ScavengerQuest - Team Building Treasure Hunt Wheels for the World - Bike Build Team Building Activity SmileKits - Philanthropic Team Building Activity Mini Golf Charity Classic - Food Donation Team Building


Whether you are looking for a treasure hunt in Miami, New York City or San Diego, the Team Builders Plus ScavengerQuest activity will create energy and excitement as your team explores the area. Perhaps you’re looking to run a philanthropic teambuilding program in Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston or Charlotte. No worries. They’ve got you covered. Check out their Wheels for the World, SmileKits or Mini Golf Charity Classic team building events.

Intergalactic Adventure - Team Building Activity Team Samurai - Team Building Program Harmonia - Interactive Team Building Program Teaming Up - Team Building Program


If you want an team session that is both fun and developmental, Intergalactic Adventure, Team Samurai or Harmonia may be just what you’re looking for. Team Builders Plus has led programs in nearly every state of the country and programs can be conducted for groups of 20 participants or 500+. These activities are perfect as stand-alone team building programs or they can be integrated in to a conference in which you want to emphasize the importance of teamwork, trust and open communication.

Perhaps you want to develop your team by addressing issues that have been holding you back. Programs such as TeamingUP and Transforming Your Senior Leadership allow you to identify your issues through the Team Builders Plus Team Effectiveness Inventory. This session is designed to turn groups into high-performance teams.

Team Builders Plus has been recognized as one of the Fastest Growing Companies & Best Places to Work (by the Philadelphia Business Journal), one of the Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies in the U.S. (by Inc. magazine) and as the New Jersey Business of the Year (by NJ Biz magazine).

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Take Flight Learning

Take Flight Learning is the leading DISC training company in the Unites States as they offer a variety of DISC training programs, products, services, and keynote speaking. For far too long, people have been learning about the personality styles only to forget them weeks later. With more than two decades of experience with the DISC behavioral styles, Take Flight Learning has breathed new life into this age-old model. When CEO Merrick Rosenberg first linked the four styles to Eagles, Parrots, Doves and Owls in his books, Taking Flight! and The Chameleon, he changed the way people learn about themselves and the people in their lives. Now you can bring this wisdom to your team.

In addition to their game-changing Taking Flight with DISC session, Take Flight Learning takes DISC to another level through their conflict management program, ReDISCovering Conflict, and their sales training program, Chameleon Selling. The DISC assessment offered by Take Flight Learning has been described as the most comprehensive and user-friendly profile that has ever been created.

Take Flight Learning can either run sessions for your organization or you can get certified to lead the sessions yourself. You will discover that DISC styles training goes beyond personality assessment and personality types. When done properly, DISC training programs should embed the styles in your team’s culture and become the language to create a respectful environment in which people get their needs met. Take Flight Learning will help you to use the DISC styles to build a cohesive and productive team.


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