Alaskan Baseball


Overview: This team building game involves a bit of physical activity and is sure to get your team up and moving. Divide the group into two teams and have them compete against one another in a high energy and comical game of Alaskan Baseball. This activity is the perfect way to get your team outside and energized after a long meeting!

Equipment Required: A rubber chicken, any similar comical rubber object, or a large inflatable aerobics ball.  Cones or tape to mark the starting line.

Space Required: Medium to Large. Preferably outdoors or a large open indoor space.

Group Size: 10 to 80 people.

Total Time: 20-30 Minutes

  • 5 minutes to brief the activity.
  • 10-20 minutes to complete the challenge.
  • 5 minutes to debrief the activity.


  • Determine a starting line. Clearly mark it with cones or tape.
  • Divide the group into two teams.
  • Brief the group on the following steps:
  • Team 1 will stand side by side in a circle.
  • One player from Team 1 will then throw the rubber chicken or chosen object as far as they possibly can.
  • Team 2 will then run to the object and assemble themselves in a single file line.
  • The person in the front of the line will pick up the object and pass it overhead to the team member behind them (and then run to the back of the line). That team member will then pass it through their legs to the next team member (then run to the back of the line). That team member will pass it over their head and the pattern will repeat (overhead, under legs, overhead, under legs) until Team 2 has made their way back to the starting line.
  • While Team 2 is making their way back to the starting line, Team 1 will earn points by running laps. The team member who originally tossed the object will start by run a lap around the team circle. Once they run their lap they will get in the circle and the team member to their right will then run a lap. This pattern will continue until Team 2 gets back to the starting line. Team 1 should count each lap aloud to keep score.
  • Once Team 2 reaches the starting line, restart the activity and have Team 2 toss the object/run laps while Team 1 retrieves the object. You may repeat rounds as time (and the energy of your participants) allows.
  • Announce the winning team and debrief the activity.

Learning Outcomes

  • Team Cohesion
  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Leadership

Suggested Review Questions

  • What did you enjoy most about this activity?
  • What was most challenging about the activity?
  • What surprised you about this activity?
  • How well did you work as a team? How could you have improved?
  • What is one thing that you can take away from this activity?