The group stand in a circle with the ‘splat master’ in the middle.  If the splat master points at you and says ‘splat’ you must duck down quickly. The people either side of the splatted person must put their arm out and shout splat. Whoever out of the three people is the slowest is out of the game.  When only two people are remaining, they stand in the centre of the circle back to back for the final ‘Splat off’.  Every time the splat master says a word (these can be themed such as cars, chocolate etc), they step forward. However when the splat master says splat they turn round and try to say splat before their opponent does. The winner can become the splat master for the next game.

  • Group stands in a circle with the ‘splat master’ in the middle
  • Splat master points their gun (imaginary, obviously!) at someone in the circle and shouts ‘SPLAT!’ at the same time
  • The person who has been shot at must duck
  • The two people on either side must fire their guns (also imaginary, obviously!) at each other
  • If the person who has initially been shot at does not duck quickly enough (i.e. before the two either side fire) they are out
  • Of the two either side, whoever fires the slowest is out (as they get shot by the other)
  • When you only have two people left they stand back to back and then, on command from the instructor, start to walk away from each other
  • When the instructor shouts ‘SPLAT!’ they must turn and shoot towards each other – the quickest person wins


Minimum Group Size: 12
Equipment Requirements: None


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