Ooogly Boogly Bop


The group stands in a circle with the leader in the middle. The leader has several instructions; if at any point a child is too slow or does the wrong thing they are then out of the game.

If the leaders points at a child and says ‘oogly boogly bop’ they have to say bop before the leaders does.

If the leader points at a participant and says ‘kangaroo’ the child must make a pouch with their hands, with the people either side of jumping up and down.

If the leader points at a child and says elephant that child must make a trunk, with the people either side making an ear shape with their arms.

If the leader points at you and says Homer, you and the people either side must say ‘doh’ and hit your palm against your forehead.

When only two people remain they stand in the middle of the circle back to back. As the leader says ‘oogly’ they walk forward. When the instructor finishes the word ‘boogly’ they must turn round and say ‘bop’ as quickly as possible before the other person does to win.

Minimum Group Size: 12
Equipment Requirements: None


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