The team have come to a battle field that has been laid with mines. One person at a time must attempt to cross the battlefield without stepping on a mine. Once a team member steps on a mine, they must return back to the start.

Equipment Required:

  • Minefield (8 x 8 squares) set out in giant chess/checkers mat, tarpaulin (with taped squares), carpet tiles or even cones.
  • Route Card/s (Available in The Team Building Activity Book)

Space Required: Small. Indoors or outdoors.
Group Size: 2-30 participants. Works better with larger groups.

Total Time: 60 minutes

  • 5 minutes to brief and set up
  • 35-45 minutes to achieve outcome
  • 10 minutes to review and debrief

Minefield Team Challenge Instructions

  • Lay out your Minefield on a flat area with plenty of space
  • Organise the group and brief them on the task: The team have come to a battle field that has been laid with mines. The entire team must cross the minefield without stepping on a mine.

Minefield Rules

  • Only one person is allowed on the Minefield at any time
  • Every person must step on the mat and attempt to cross, if unsuccessful in their attempt to cross they must go to the back of the line and the next person must try to cross.
  • Once a participant is on the minefield, the rest of the team must be silent.
  • Active participants can only move one square at a time. A move can be in any direction.
  • Only the facilitator knows which squares are safe and will indicate appropriately (download the map above for an example).

The full description for Minefield can be found in my eBook, The Team Building Activity Book. The eBook provides easy to follow, step by step instructions for leading the activity including activity notes, challenger brief, 4 x route cards, variations, coaching points and review questions. The book also features 29 other team activities that guaranteed to inspire and motivate your team. Buy it now for just $19 USD.


The Team Building Activity Book

Suggested Learning Outcomes

  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Decision making
  • Memory chunking
  • Problem Solving

(* featured image used via CC license, from Flickr user Shannon McGee)



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