Overview: This creative activity will give you the opportunity to see how your team perceives your company and its potential! To start this team building activity, simply divide your group into teams of 3-5 people. After providing each team with some basic supplies, ask them to create a news headline (and accompanying story) for something they predict the company (or department) will accomplish in the near-future. At the end of the activity, have each team present their headline and story. Once all teams have presented, facilitate an open discussion to see which headlines may be feasible. This activity is a great way to creatively strategize, and to identify new opportunities and threats for your organization. This activity also builds loyalty among your team as they are sure to feel invested in the ideas they create!

Equipment Required: 1 poster board per team, newspapers, tape, markers, and scissors.

Space Required: Small to Medium. Indoor or Outdoor.

Group Size: 5 to 80 people.

Total Time: 35 – 60 Minutes

  • 5 minutes to brief the activity.
  • 15-25 minutes to complete the challenge.
  • 15-30 minutes to debrief the activity.


  1. Separate your group into teams of 3-5 people. Give each team a newspaper, a poster board, scissors, tape and markers.
  2. Brief the activity. Explain that each team will use the supplies to come up with one newspaper headline that explains what they think the company (or department) will accomplish in the near future. Explain that there are no rules. They can use the newspaper clippings, or they can create their own original artwork.
  3. Give the group 15-25 minutes to create their headline and write their story.
  4. At the end of the specified time, have each group bring their work to the front of the room. Hang the work on a wall to display to the rest of the group.
  5. Give each team the opportunity to present their work.
  6. After each team has presented, debrief the activity and facilitate a strategic planning session.

Learning Outcomes

  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Cohesion
  • Communication
  • Team Moral

Suggested Review Questions

  • How did this activity make you feel?
  • What were the most feasible headlines? How so?
  • What would you need to do to accomplish that headline? What would the timeline be? Who would be involved?
  • What headlines are not feasible?
  • What would you have to do to make them feasible?
  • Were any new threats uncovered because of this activity? What should the action plan be moving forward?
  • Were any opportunities uncovered because of this activity? What should the action plan be moving forward?


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