Desert Island


Tell your group that they are going to be whisked off to a desert island in just 5 minutes. Each person is allowed to take three things with them.  They need to write these three things onto a post‐it note and be prepared to place it on a flip chart (or wall) opposite their name.

After 5 minutes ask for a group member to come forward and place their post-it onto the flip chart and explain to the rest of the group what they have chosen and why. You continue this until everyone has done described their three items.

By asking individuals to explain their reasoning behind the selected items, you and the rest of the group will gain a better understanding as to how that person thinks and what type personality they are.

The desert island ice breaker is designed to be used at the start of a training workshop or team meeting. It will hopefully break down some barriers and help your learners relax before the day ahead.


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