Beach Day


Overview: Beach Day Relay is the perfect summer teambuilding activity to bring out the competitive energy of your team. Teams will compete relay-style to set up supplies for the ultimate day at the beach. Once all team members have individually set up their supplies, the team will work together to set up their final space on the sand and strike a group pose for an epic photo finish. The first team to finish the relay and hit their pose wins the challenge!

Equipment Required: 1 beach or lawn chair per team. 1 beach bag per team filled with a beach towel, sunglasses (the bigger the better), a large floppy hat, and a book.

Optional for an additional challenge: 1 large beach umbrella per team.

Space Required: Large, outdoor area. Preferably on a sand-covered beach or lakeshore. Can be adapted to be outside in a large grassy area.

Group Size: 8 to 80 people.

Total Time: 10-25 minutes.

  • 5 minutes to brief the activity.
  • 5-15 minutes to complete the activity.
  • 5 minutes to debrief (optional).



  1. Divide the group into even teams of 4 to 6 participants.
  2. Brief the activity. Teams will compete in relay-style to set up the ultimate beach day experience. Team members will individually race to a designated area. Once they reach the designated area they will:
  • Set up the umbrella (optional)
  • Set up the beach chair
  • Lay the beach towel out flat on the sand
  • Put on the sunglasses
  • Put on the hat
  • Sit down
  • Read a page from the book


Once the setup is complete, the team member will pack up the area and race all the supplies back to their team. The next team member will then race to the designated area and repeat the process until every team member has completed their turn. Once the last team member has returned, the entire team will race to the designated area and work together to set up the towel, chair, umbrella, hat, sunglasses, and book one final time. Instruct them to finish the activity in a fun team pose.  The first team to finish set-up and position themselves in their team pose wins!

  1. Have all teams begin at the same time.
  2. Take pictures and document the final team poses.
  3. Announce the winner and debrief the activity (optional).

Learning Outcomes

  • Communication
  • Quick Thinking
  • Cooperation

Suggested Review Questions

  • Was it difficult to wait for your teammates to finish?
  • Did you encourage your teammates when it wasn’t your turn?
  • How well did you work as a team?
  • What surprised you about this activity?
  • What was most challenging about the activity?
  • What is one thing that you can take away from this activity?
  • What did you enjoy most about this activity?


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