Writing a Letter to Yourself


This might seem like a strange idea, but it’s a nice way for everyone to take the time to think about what they have learnt during a workshop, and what changes or steps they might make in their lives or work because of it (also known as transfer of learning).

Give each person in your group some paper, an envelope and a pen and ask them to write a letter to themselves which gives an overview of what they have learnt during the workshop, and how they would like to use their new found skills to make a change.

Once everyone has done this, get them to put their letter in the envelope and address it to themselves. Next collect in the letters. Explain that they won’t be opened, but that they will be posted out in a couple of weeks or months (some time in the future).

I have used this before when training new instructors and posted their letters 6 months down the line – all the learners loved how much they had developed in that time away in practice.

We all have great intentions of using the information we taught, but fail to implement changes… never get around to it. However having these intentions when written down act as reminder especially when they land on our doormats many months later – giving your learners the friendly reminder they may need.


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