Wink Murder


Have the group sit or stand in a circle with one person appointed as the detective. The detective has to leave the group and shut their eyes whilst the leader chooses the murderer. The leader should get the group to close their eyes as they walk round and pick the murderer. When the murderer is chosen, the detective is recalled to solve the crime. The murderer will kill their victims by winking at them when the detective is not looking. Anyone who is winked at has to die spectacularly! Can the detective guess who the murderer is before everyone is killed?

  • Everyone is sat in a circle
  • One person leaves the room and the rest of the group choose who is going to be the murderer
  • When the person comes back into the room they must stand in the middle of the circle
  • The murderer winks at people to kill them
  • The victim of the murder must die a noisy and painful death
  • The person in the middle must work out who the murderer is – they get three chances
  • The murderer then becomes the one to leave the room

Minimum Group Size: 10
Equipment Requirements: None


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