What are you doing?


Get the group to form an inward facing circle. One person moves to the centre and begins acting an activity, such as walking the dog (it is important that the people really do the activity). A second person enters the circle and asks, “What are you doing?” The first person then responds, while still doing the original activity: “driving a go-kart” The second person then begins to pretend they are driving a go-kart, and the first person re-joins the circle. A third person enters and asks, “What are you doing?” The person in the centre, while still doing their activity, replies: “Climbing a tree” (or any other activity they can think of). This continues until everyone has been in the centre circle.

It can be suggested that actions link or relate to the content and learning objective of your programme.This is a good game to use once people at least slightly know each other. As the game grows there are lots of laughs. It is good to encourage people not to think of ‘what to do’ and just say/do anything. You can also play it and have everyone stay in the circle until everyone is in.


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