Team Shield


Working in smaller groups, each group must create a team shield to establish a team identity (or any other subject you are trying to teach). This is a very flexible challenge, that can be used to front-load a workshop or as a reflective tool.

  • Work in small teams – three-four people is ideal.
  • Explain that the task is to create a team shield, as a group. Focus on creating a team identity or your subject of choice.
  • Ask the participants to allow some planning time before they embark on making their shield.
  • Allow time for making.
  • Each group displays and explains their shield – or the rest of the group can try to interpret it first before it is explained.

Make it Different

For a longer activity/project – each person designs their own shield first, and then as a team they work to combine the shields together. Using metaphor and representation is an excellent tool for thinking and memory.

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