Parachute Games


Parachute games are easy to deliver and great fun for all. All you require is a parachute and a ball. The games encourage cooperative, non-competitive play and are normally quite physically active. What’s more they can played with kids of all ages (including adults).

Equipment Required: Play Parachute and ball
Space Required: Medium-Large. Delivered either indoors or outdoors.
Group Size: Typical activity group sizes of 12-20

Total Time: 60 minutes

  • 10 minute brief and set up
  • 40 minutes active participation
  • 10 minutes Review

Main Activity

Mushroom: Get everyone to hold the parachute. The participants should be spread out so the parachute is fairly taught. Participants should then lower the chute to the ground then count to 3 and on 3 everyone pulls the chute upwards. As a result, the parachute will inflate like a mushroom and slowly collapse back down again.

Try to get the mushroom as high as possible encourage everyone to work as a team. Once the mushroom has been mastered you can then try some variations:

  1. Everyone mushrooms the chute and then runs to the centre, still holding onto it.
  2. Everyone mushrooms and lets go, it’s good fun to get everyone running after the chute as it’s blowing away.
  3. Everybody lets go at the exactly the same time (only do this one if there is minimal wind) the chute should rise upwards and remain in it’s shape. For everyone to let go at exactly the same time requires practice and concentration.

Other Games

Anyone with – Mushroom the chute then the instructor calls out a description that identifies one or more of the players, e.g. ‘anyone with blonde hair’ or ‘anyone who had toast for breakfast’. Those described have to let go and run underneath and switch places with another player before the chute comes down on top of them. Once the group have the idea, let everyone have a go at calling out a description.

Funny Changeover – Similar to the activity ‘anyone with’. Number the group by three’s, so you have group 1, group 2 and group 3 all evenly spread out. Mushroom the chute then call out a number and who or what you would like them to become when they go under the chute e.g.’number 1’s are dogs’ or ‘number 3’s are ballet dancers’. Once again when the group get the hang of it let them have a go at calling out.

Learning Targets

  • Communication skills
  • Cooperation in non-competitive situation
  • Teamwork

Safety Tips
Great care must to be taken before the start of the games to explain safety rules to participants in order to get the maximum fun out of the activity.


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