Giants Wizards and Dwarfs


This is a giant team game of rock, paper, scissors. Divide the group into two teams. Define a playing area with two end safety zones and a middle line. Each team decides their character and approaches the middle line. On the count of three the teams perform the action and noise (which signifies their character). The winning team pursues the losing team and tries to tag them before they make their safety zone. Any person tagged joins the opposite team. This continues until one team has all the players.

As in rock, paper, scissors each character beats one other;

Wizard beats the Dwarf by casting a spell on him
Giant beats the Wizard by crushing him
Dwarf beats the Giant by tickling his feet

  • Split the group into two halves
  • An area must be set out that has a home line for each team and two central lines where they must do battle
  • The two teams must secretly decide whether they are going to be giants, wizards or dwarves
  • When both teams have decided they must come to their central line and, on the count of three, do the action and sound for their character
  • The game is like a giant game of rock, paper, scissors
  • The losing team must get back to their home line before being caught by the other team
  • Any team members caught must cross over to the other team
  • The game ends when all of one team has been caught

Minimum Group Size: 6
Equipment Requirements: None



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