Energisers Explained


Energisers are short activities intended to stimulate the minds of learners and keep them engaged on the training programme and are used typically as a break between sessions – energisers are fantastic for groups that have either been in training a long time or immediately following a long break in your programme such as meal times.

The most difficult time for most trainers is the post meal time shift, when our learners slide into siesta mode and it becomes hard for them to retain information. Using energisers can be a great way to wake them up and get them focused on an afternoon of training.

When you provide energisers, it is important not to confuse them with quizzes or group games. Whilst some games will have an element of energising your group, remember the purpose of an energiser is to get the blood flowing quicker to build enthusiasm, improve concentration levels and raise energy ready for the next training session.

The average person can think at 800 words per minute, but the average human can only talk at 120 words per minute. The brain goes into “auto shut-off” after only 10 minutes if it isn’t stimulated. We must therefore give training groups something interesting to do, so they are focused and retain as much subject information as possible

Energiser Considerations:

  • Use energisers throughout a training workshop or team meeting – keep an eye on your group and when they show signs of tiredness take a break from learning.
  • Use energisers that are suitable for your group and limit activities that involve touch as not everyone will be comfortable with this sort of activity.
  • Provide energisers in which everyone can participate and be sensitive to the needs and circumstances of the group, essential when working with learners with disabilities.
  • Maintain and observe for safety, in particular with games that involve running.
  • Try to use a mix of both competitive games and team based challenges.
  • Keep energisers short. The whole purpose of an energiser is to take a break from learning and get your learners focused. Once you have completed the energiser and everyone has had a chance to move about and wake up, move on to your planned training session.

For a list of different activities, games and challenges that can be used as energisers, select a category from the menu above. Just remember to use an energiser that will be take less than ten minutes such as the Human Knot, Magic Cane or Group Juggle


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