Deflector Bomb


Participants pick two people from the group: one person is the bomb and the other the deflector shield. The object is to keep the deflector shield between you and the bomb without revealing which is which to the rest of the group. At the end of a given time (say 1 minute) the game stops and you see at that moment who has their deflector shield in between them and their bomb. If they fail to protect themselves from the bomb then they sit out the rest of the game.

  • Everyone must secretly choose another person in the group who is their bomb (who will explode if they get close to them)
  • They must then secretly choose someone who is their shield (who will protect them from their bomb)
  • The group must then move around within a specified area ensuring they always keep their shield between them and their bomb
  • After a certain amount of time, shout ‘BANG’ and all those who are blown up by their bomb (i.e. do not have their shield protecting them) must fall to the floor

Minimum Group Size: 10
Equipment Requirements: None

An near identical game to this is called, ‘Ozone and Sun’. Before the game begins each person chooses someone who is their sun (S) and ozone (O) and keeps this to themselves. Participants start to move around the space and make sure that for the entire time the O is between them and the S.


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