The Clapping Game


The Clapping Game is a variation on the game Pulse. Organise your group into a circle on the floor or around a table. Get everyone to place their hands flat on the surface, with their arms crossing over with those of the neighbours. Start the game by clapping one hand on the surface.

Let the clap run around the circle, so that always the hand claps that is next to the one that clapped last. After practicing this for a couple of rounds, introduce a complication. If a hand claps twice, the direction of the clap changes direction. Again, practice.

When everyone has understood the rules, start the game proper. Any hand that claps out of turn or doesn’t clap should be put behind the person’s back. When somebody has both hands out of the game, then they have to drop out of the game. Increase the speed of the game as you go along. The more people there are in the group, the less exciting it is for the individual player.

It is a good idea to form two or more groups for the game if there are more than twelve in a group.


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