Benefits of Charity-Based Teambuilding


The holiday season is in full swing and it is the perfect time of year to incorporate charity-based teambuilding into your 2018 holiday events or 2019 team kick-off plans. Teambuilding becomes even more impactful when paired with a corporate social responsibility initiative such as giving to your local community. Not only will your team dynamics see an immediate impact but there are many long-term benefits of Charity-Based Teambuilding that often go unrecognized. Are you still deciding if charitable teambuilding will benefit you and your organization? Read on to see just how impactful these initiatives can be on your team.

Immediate Benefits of Charity-Based Teambuilding

We live in a time of instant gratification, right?  It is only fitting that we first discuss the immediate impact of charity-based teambuilding…

Boost Morale

Charitable teambuilding is a great way to quickly boost team morale. As the team works together to give back to their local community, they are each instantly rewarded with a sense of contribution and impact. Giving back to others is scientifically proven to reduce stress, reduce feelings of isolation, and to create a sense of belonging. This rewarding activity will leave your team with those warm and fuzzy feelings (and a great sense of accomplishment). This is the perfect setting to see an immediate boost in team morale!

Improve Team Effectiveness

Not only will your team work together towards a common goal and make an impact on the lives of others, but they will work together in a more relaxed environment. They are sure to have fun with one another and bond on a new level. The fun atmosphere will enable open communication, especially for those team members who may otherwise not speak up. This is the perfect setting for team members to build trust and improve their communication skills. Two factors that are crucial when developing high-performance teams!

Positive Community Impact

If your charitable teambuilding event provided a struggling family with a warm meal or clothes this holiday season,  or a child with their first bicycle, or a soldier with a treat from home, these sentiments will never be forgotten. Your charitable efforts will instantly have an impact on the community you choose to support. As soon as the activity comes to an end, the lives of others will be improved due to your generous work. Your team can take great pride in the fact that you truly made a difference in your local community.

Long-Term Benefits of Charity-Based Teambuilding

It is important to note that with a little patience and observation there are many additional long-term benefits to come well after your team leaves the conference room or event space.

Team Development

Today more than ever, we live in a time where people want to make an impact on the world around them. When searching for employment, many individuals now search for organizations who make Corporate Social Responsibility a key element of their company culture. Enabling your team to have a positive impact on the local community (while at work) will impact your long-term team development. Charity-Based teambuilding will help to both retain and attract top talent.  Attracting and retaining top talent who are invested in your organization, will allow you to develop a dedicated and strong team for the long haul.

Organization Reputation and Success

When an organization gives back to the community around them, they begin to build a great reputation for themselves. The local community will respect and appreciate your efforts. People love to do business with those who do good for others. This reputation growth can lead to business leads, networking opportunities, and sales that previously may not have existed.

Community Improvement

Good deeds are contagious and one small effort can have a ripple effect that makes the world a better place! When you give back to the local community, others will recognize your efforts and feel the need to give back. Your team members may also feel the desire to give back more frequently or through alternative methods. Lastly, the families who reaped the rewards of your efforts will want to return the favor and share the love with others when they are able. Charitable teambuilding and continued social responsibility efforts can have ripple effects that truly impact the community for years to come.

Ready to plan your charity-based teambuilding event?  There are professional teambuilding companies, Like Team Builders Plus, that will facilitate the entire program for you from start to finish. Short on time or resources? Check out this additional article on charity-based team building that discusses a few easy to facilitate initiatives.  Best of luck with your planning!