7 Reasons to Organise a Team Building Event



If you are thinking about how to improve teamwork, communication, and leadership or maybe how to align vision in your organisation, then check out my seven reasons to organise a team building event below

Builds Relationships– Participating in a few team building activities can help to break down communication barriers and build rapport. By working together employees are required to collaborate and work together towards a common goal, which helps to form relationships quicker. Getting to know people you work with is crucial to building a strong sense of understanding and trust. Teams that learn how to play together, stay together!

Inspires Creativity– Giving a team a new challenge in a fun and supportive environment can inspire new creative ideas that lead to success. It will also give you a better understanding of how your team works, what motivates them and how they approach challenges they face in the workplace.

Aligns Vision and Establishes Goals– In order to achieve success, teams need to be aware of what the end result is. Without a destination, you have nothing to aim for. During a team building event, teams work through a series of challenges and activities in order to achieve the end result (which is generally the completion of a task). This shared sense of purpose can be transferred back to workplace goals and deadlines and align to the mission of your entire organisation.

Develops Leadership– When you take your employees out of the office, you may be surprised to see certain members of your team setup up to the mark. When provided with an opportunity, certain team members can come out of their shell and lead the team to success. Other skills that are notable include planning, delegating and organisation.

Improves Communication–Failure to communicate, often leads to failure of the challenge. By working together, team members are required to communicate effectively in order to succeed. When participating in challenges, teams will discuss ideas, listen to others and use reflection and reviewing to look back on their experience and identify where they can improve.

Encourage Problem Solving– Bringing a team together to solve a problem solving challenge requires strong leadership, effective planning and an understanding of expectations. During team building activities, participants are encouraged to review their performance, look back on their experience, review the strategy they took to achieve success during the task and identify areas of improvements.

Have Fun– We learn best through experience and fun. Providing an opportunity for employees to step out of the workplace and work with their colleagues in a new and relaxed environment helps develop better connections, motivation and morale.

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7 Reasons To Organise a Team Building Event


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