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​Get all 4 of our eBooks:

  • The Team Building Activity Book
  • The Team Building Activity Book 2
  • The Group Games Guide
  • The Effective Trainer

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The Team Building Activity Book

​Our original, best-selling ebook, with 30 fun, easy-to-teach Team Building Activities.  
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The Team Building Activity Book 2

​30 *MORE* of our favorite tried and tested team building activities. 

The Group Games Guide

Need a short game for your group?  Here are 87 of our favorite Icebreakers, Warm-ups, and 5-Minute Fillers.

The Effective Trainer

A Step-By-Step Guide to Planning, Delivering and Evaluating Successful Team Building Activities and Workshops.



The Team Building Tool Kit (Complete Package)

The Complete Tool Kit Includes...

  • All 4 PDF eBooks with 60 Team Building Activities, 87 Ice Breakers & 5-Minute Fillers, and A Step-By-Step Guide to Effective Training

  • 7 Exclusive Video Interviews with Experts, Packed with Practical Advice and Tips on Facilitating Team Building Activities, Icebreakers, Training Sessions and Improving Team Performance

  • 30 Downloadable Resources: Sample Team Building Programmes, Checklists, Templates, and Review Cards

Get 30 of our best Team Building Activities in one PDF eBook!