The Team Building Tool Kit

Making Team Building Easy & Fun

Ever had a team building session not go as smoothly as you hoped?

Running out of ideas for team building activities?

Spending too much time looking for training and team building resources?

That's why we created The Team Building Tool Kit.


... having a bank of 60 fun team building activities at your fingertips

... saving time during planning, thanks to ready-made templates and checklists that help keep you organised

... easily delivering team building activities with ready-to-print instructions for participants and activity notes

... never running out of ideas for ice breakers and fun filler activities for your sessions

... having the skills to keep participants engaged and actively contributing

... being confident in your ability to deliver team building sessions that are not only fun, but also effective


Are you ready to level up your next team building session?

What People Are Saying...

The step-by-step instructions for each team building exercise are great! It’s a huge convenience having everything in one place, and not just instructions but learning objectives and follow-up questions as well. It really allows you to get the most out of the time you’re investing in each session, which is so important.  I highly recommend the video interviews. They're packed with practical advice from the experts about how to run great team building sessions and workshops.

Biron Clark,

I love the activities in these books! One of my goals is to get my students working cooperatively in teams and learning that if they work together as a team, they will succeed. They need teamwork to be successful and also provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills. These activities are perfect for that.

Sharyn Loveridge, Teacher, New Zealand

Thank you very much for these books. They have helped me work better and I now feel confident when running my sessions.

Bounyom Thoummavong , National University of Laos

Be a better team builder. Here's how.

Upgrade your skills

Running team building sessions can be challenging. Not only do you have to design training plans that lead to the desired learning outcomes, you also have to manage the different personalities and learning styles in the group.

To be successful, you need to constantly pick up new skills and techniques and build up your arsenal of tools:

How to plan more effectively
How to manage groups
How to build rapport with participants
How to facilitate discussions
How to conduct reviews and debriefing sessions
How to evaluate the effectiveness of your session

It's a constant learning journey; the more skills and techniques you have, the more easily you can deliver fun and effective team building sessions.

Learn from successful team building professionals

There's nothing better than hearing from people in the industry who are successful and experienced, and modelling them. That's why we've interviewed top team building and training experts.

Get answers to your burning questions:

“How can I get people engaged who really aren’t into it?”
“How should I deal with know-it-alls and participants with bad attitudes?”
“How do I track the results of my team building/training?”
“How do you unite a non-functioning team?”
“What’s the best way to create a group contract to get everyone on the same page?”

And of course that one question that everyone has surely asked themselves in the past few years:  “How do I get people off their darn cell phones during my team building session?”

Our team building experts have been featured in major business publications, and delivered team building and training programs for much of the Fortune 500.


The Team Building Tool Kit Sets You Up for Success

Whether you're a team leader, trainer or just need some help to run a team building session at work,
the Team Building Tool Kit provides you with:

All the tools for your team building session in ONE PLACE

Easy, step-by-step instructions

Customizable templates

Printable instructions for participants

Actionable advice from team building experts

Why You Should Choose The Team Building Tool Kit

The Complete Package

Everything You Need to Deliver Great Team Building Sessions

The Plus Package

Team Building eBooks + Resources


The Team Building Activity Book
Facilitate great team building sessions with this 107-page PDF with full activity notes, printable instructions, solutions and review questions for 30 of the most engaging team building activities.

The Team Building Activity Book 2
30 MORE of the best team building activities, with printable instructions, success tips, and debrief questions for each activity.

The Group Games Guide
87 of the best Warm Ups, Ice Breakers, and 5-Minute Fillers.


Sample Team Building Programmes
Minimise your planning time with these 6 ready-made MS Word Templates for all types of team building sessions: Corporate, Recruitment, Sports, Employability Skills, Primary and Secondary Schools.

Downloadable Team Building Resources
14 Additional Resources: Team Building Quote Cards, Leading Sentence Cards, 'Someone Who' Cards, Risk Assesments, and Learning Questionnaires.

Want a Preview? Click here.

The Team Building Activity Book is great! I have already used some of the activities in my experiential group with my participants and have watched them have moments of learning and laughter which they need.

Brittany King, Program Manager, Eating Recovery Center of Washington

What I like about these books is they are a great and handy compilation of many of the popular team games and activities at one place. They give practical tips to run each activity. I am sure the books would be welcomed by all in the training profession.

Hitendra Gandhi, Trainer, India


  • q-iconWhat format are the files?

    The expert video interviews are in MP4 (480p, the best compromise of quality and file size), playable on most digital media players (we recommend VLC, which is free).

    Because the books contain diagrams showing how to set up the activities, we have only released them as PDFs.  We want the best user experience, and PDF gave us the most control over the layout.  We hope you understand!

    The resource documents are in Microsoft Word.

  • q-iconWhich package should I buy?

    That depends on your budget, and what you need. If you are a team leader or a trainer, we highly recommend The Complete Package, as the interviews with experts contain incredibly valuable advice.

    The Plus Package offers a good balance between budget and resources included.

  • q-iconWhat if I don't like it?

    We’re proud of the eBooks and resources we created and stand by them. If you’re not satisfied, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll send you a refund.

  • q-iconCan I get a receipt for an expense report?

    Yes, a digital (printable) receipt is sent automatically when you purchase.

    If you still have questions, send an email to michael (at)


We’re proud of the products we created and stand by them.
If you’re not satisfied, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll give you a refund.

Still have questions? Please contact: michael (at)